Virtual Tours of Event Spaces in New York City


The foundation for any good virtual tour is high-quality photography. Around this foundation, additional interface features can be added to make the content more useful and appealing to your audience. Virtual Tours are becoming more accessible and feature rich all the time.
Some of our features:
Tick Sign  iOS / html5 compatible. Tours work on iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and Android devices
Tick Sign  Competitive pricing and fast turn around times
Tick Sign  Custom designed interface for a unique experience
Tick Sign  Linked hotspot arrows for navigation
Tick Sign  Interactive maps and floor plan compass
Tick Sign  Include movies in the virtual tour
Tick Sign  Sound tracks, ambient sounds or voiceovers
Tick Sign  Info points and popups to offer more information
Tick Sign  Can be used in an app for iPhone, iPad or android and distributed via Apples app store
Tick Sign  Include google maps or google satellite images
Tick Sign  HDR and exposure blending used to capture more light
Tick Sign  Multi resolution image delivery for fast download and bandwidth conservation
Tick Sign  Virtual Tours can work from a web space, DVD, USB flash drive, Apple’s app store or local hard drive

Not all the above features are suitable for all Virtual Tours. We will work closely with our clients to help decide which features work best for their tour.

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