Virtual Tours of Event Spaces in New York City

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Real Estate Virtual Tours New York

Real Estate Virtual Tours New York

In todays world people want to save time, they want to be more efficient and they want to cut of the things that will reduce their productivity. In the real estate industry in most major cities it takes pounding pavement for weeks to find that suggest that you wish to rent or buy. This to us in Rugged Owl is a huge waste of time and energy that could be spent in far more valuable ways. We want you to be able to disregard a property that doesn’t fit your needs in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours. No cabs or trains or hustle bustle. It should be as simple as a left swipe!

are making this a reality. We can showcase the best properties to save realtors, customers and owners time so they can have a drink, take in a meal or go on vacation safe in the knowledge that they have secured the rental or purchase of their dreams.

Space is hard to appreciate in photos. Wide lens’ can make it look a lot bigger than it is, acute angles can distort the visual and time of day can be the difference between a seemingly dark apartment and a bright open space. Although we agree that a Virtual Tour cannot solve every problem it can certainly give you a far better appreciation for the space than still shots. It can revolve to produce a full 360 degree shots that make it easy to display the spaciousness of an area. Its a far more personal experience that allows you to ‘walk’ through the space as though you were there.

We want you to be able to live in an apartment for a moment without ever setting foot in the building and with our state of the art virtual tour technology this is now a reality.

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