Virtual Tours of Event Spaces in New York City

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?
Our high end quality virtual tours combined with our competitive pricing , differentiates Rugged Owl from our competitors. We establish a partnership with our clients and greatly value the collaborative process.
 Professional photographers using the latest in panoramic camera and lens equipment to capture the great  shots which showcase your venue in the best possible light
 Approximately 40 photographs are taken for each ‘scene’ – during our post-processing phase these photos are then seamlessly blended together to form one accessible image.
Before any tour is published we subject it to a quality check process to ensure even the most minor of errors or discrepancies are caught
We can commit to returning a finished tour within 72 hours to our clients. Our turnaround time cannot be beaten,
We offer a high degree of customization for our tour – personalized branding, hotspots and information bubbles can all be added. Our clients can be as involved in the tour design as the wish
Our tours are HTML5 compatibility so they can be access using the iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile devices
Our tours offer a high degree of integration and can be embedded and hosted on your own website, or the tour can be hosted on our servers FREE of charge and linked to from your website

A virtual tour is worth 1000 photographs

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